Helen Greer- Waring:

NHS Emergency first responder





Rita Bullock: Retired





Stephanie Hryschko:  In 1998 Steph came to an event at The Old Colliery Offices where she met the Community Development Trust team. By the time Steph went home that afternoon, she had become the Trust secretary.   Awarded the British Empire medal in her majesty the Queens birthday honour’s list June 2013



Martin Gray:   Managing director of Harsco Steelphalt Rotherham and local resident.



RMBC Cllr Dominic Beck:  Rotherham Borough Councillor for the Wales ward and a Trustee since 2012   As a local Councillor Dominic joined the Board of Trustees to ensure that the Community Development Trust is able to use him as a conduit between the Trust and RMBC. Dominic believes it is important that RMBC, through his involvement does its best to support community based organisations like KPWCDT who are an irreplaceable part of the fabric of the local community in Kiveton and Wales.



Kath Payne:  Retired as business centre manager at SYPTE 2012 and would like to think I could use the experience and skills to good use as a Trustee and volunteer for the KPWCDT

Keith Payne:  I volunteered after playing in the walking football group and became a trustee. I was much surprised to find what a great range of services the KPWCDT provides and what a forward thinking organisation it is




Caroline Ogden: Parish Councillor