October 2023

Directors Meeting – 11th October 2023
Venue: The Duke Of Leeds, Church Street, Wales

Minutes & Actions
Attendees: Lindsey Turner/Joy Wright/Jeremy Clarke/Kerry Lowe/Sherie Robinson/Mick King


Point Topic Action Due
1 Review Previous Minutes
2 Matters Arising
3 Report from Mick King/Trustees Plan
Mick talked through his report in detail
Football Development was discussed with a view to Laura taking over as one of her projects. Further discussion needed to move this on ASAP Action Kerry Lowe

4 Declaration of Interest

5 New Trustee Welcome
Lindsey officially welcomed Kerry Lowe.

6 Overspend This was resolved in point 7

7 Faye & Lunch Club Review
The running of the lunch club was discussed and that Charlotte has been taken on as cook to replace Faye. She seems to have settled in well and we are happy so far with meals prepared etc. It was noted that further discussions are needed with Charlotte regarding food preparation, menu planning and support she will need moving forward.
A need for contact has to be established, particularly regarding Fairshare delivers & menu planning etc – to be reviewed

Review 1 Month
8 Community Fridge update
Community Fridge has now been relocated to CDT and is accessible Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm, Friday 9am-12noon. Insurance has been updated to include this. Kerry will sort re-registering on the Food Hub (New premises etc)
Kerry will also work with Garden Club ongoing.
Feedback from the community so far is positive.

9 Fairshare & Foodbank
Kerry advised that all food bank contents have now been redistributed in the local community including Finningley Lodge Care and local schools and via the Community Fridge.
Nothing has been wasted
Kerry will continue to look at utilising all incoming foods for optimum use of both Community Fridge & Fairshare ASAP Kerry Lowe.

10 Shelving for Lunch Club, Flour etc
It was discussed that the need for shelving and storage for Lunch group ingredients etc was needed to avoid items being stored on window sills & floors etc as had been happening previously.
Lindsey suggested that some of the obsolete Foodbank shelving could perhaps be utilised.
Further discussions are needed to resolve this including fire points and exits etc needing to be taken into consideration Carried Forward.

11 Winding up Kiveton Creative
The board of Trustees and Sole Director of Kiveton Creative have decided to dissolve its Trading Arm ‘Kiveton Creative’ as soon as possible.
The board stated that Kevin Bennett needs to action this and start the process immediately.
Kevin will also need to set up a new KPWCDT email address By w/e 20th October

12 Thanked Kath & Sent Flowers

13 Decisions about Costco & Supplies
A membership for the trust has been explored but the decision to hold off for now was made to avoid unnecessary costs. Several members of staff are already members & could be utilised if needed.
Review at a later date if needed.

14 Metal Plates for 2 Doors
Jeremy advised that 2 CDT doors had corrosion/damage and could be an access route for rodents causing food contamination risk.
Jeremy will measure the doors & source metal plates to fit to resolve

15 Staff Roles
It was decided that all staff roles will be discussed and reviewed once all internal staff appraisal reviews have taken place. Kim review due with Lindsey now & follow up in 6 weeks Carried Forward/ Lindsey ASAP.

16 Fundraising
Further discussion is needed & ideas thought through Carried Forward.

17 Social Prescribing Update – Kim
Kim provided a report which was worked through & discussed.

18 Football Income Generation Summary – Kevin
Kevin provided a report which the Trustees were happy with.
Kevin needs to provide exact Income details for Turn up & Play
w/e 20.10.23.

19 Summer BBQ/Quiz Night/Bistro Night
This discussion will be revisited after CDT relaunch Carried Forward.

20 Neighbourhood Watch Meetings
It was decided that this can be held at CDT.

21 Hardware/Software inc Storage etc
Following a discussion with Jeremy it was decided that he will review the security and storage for the whole network.
He will also set up admin roles on the server/network along with secure/private locations for any needed ASAP.

22 Vice Chair & Treasurer Vote
Treasurer – Jeremy was nominated by Joy & seconded by Sherie – All Trustees voted to accept
Vice Chair – Joy was nominated by Lindsey & seconded by Jeremy – All Trustees voted to accept.

23 AOB
• Remove & replace unnecessary signage around building & correct spelling mistakes etc – Cheryl to action
• Fly Zapper needed in Community Fridge Room – Lindsay can source
• Craft Fayre – Sunday 26th November – Sherie Organising with Cheryl
• Uniform Exchange to be relocated into old Food Bank room & that room may be utilised by John Leaver as a one to one room until rented out
• Community Matters Magazine to be reviewed including content & costings & delivery method etc – All Trustees will work to review & action
• A nice article needs to be written about Kath by Kevin and published in the next edition of the magazine (Possibly use picture she sent of the flowers)
• A full list of all Current Insurance Policies held needs to be produced – Cheryl to arrange
• New Trustees – It was decided to not actively seek any new trustees at this time with a review 2025
• Staff Attendance to Monthly Meetings was discussed and it was decided that the trustees would like one person to attend each meeting and a that maybe a rota could be put in place to organise this ASAP.

24 Date of Next Meeting(s)
Wednesday 15th November 2023
Wednesday 6th December 2023

Date Of next Meeting Wednesday 15th November 2023
Location: Duke of Leeds, Church Street, Wales