July 2021

Minutes of Directors Meeting. Tuesday 27th July 2021 The Old Colliery Office 1800 pm

Present:- M Wright (Chair), K.F Payne, K Payne, A Whiteway, Rita Bullock, , S Hryschko, J Cope, S Nuttall ,Martin Gray,H Greer-Waring

Apologies:- None

Minute Taker :-Kath Payne Declaration of interest:-None

21/103D Minutes of Last Meeting – Matters Arisin The minutes of the last meeting to be discussed at the next meeting

21/104D Financial Report:- Financial report not available at this meeting to be discussed at next meeting Nicky has a massive Backlog of work to catch up on .

21/105D Kevin’s Report Kevin’s report was read and approved Kevin asked to include in his request for quotes not just renewal of the existing cameras but also for the renewal of the blind spots that have been identified Business rates need to be updated .

21/105D Kims report Accepted and noted Agreed the difficulty of Social Prescribing during Covid , Could Kim and Cazy arrange a visit to a Pantry Could Kim arrange the cost of replacing the chairs /stacking or folding for the meeting room /lunch club Board need more information of what funding covers Kim and Cazy salary’s

21/106D Composition of the Board At the second staff meeting on 15thJuly 2021 P Blanksby and A Whiteway showed inappropriate and un –business -like behaviour by storming out whilst ranting incoherently resulting in M Wright asking them to step down from the Board A Whiteway refused to step down and a decision as a director was deferred to the next meeting .and ,P Blanksby was unavailable and his position on the board will be considered at the next board meeting and will be asked as a special item on the next board meeting

21/107 AOB:- Ask Kevin to send out copy’s of Business plan to Trustees Planning permission has been refused for the containers Simon is arranging for his to be removed within next two weeks or the trust will face a 20K fine The two remaining containers can only be used for storage so the motor cycles currently stored in there will have to be removed The sports facilities are not being used to capacity 2 afternoons a week and weekends consideration to be given to appoint a General Manager /Caretaker

NEXT MEETING:- Tuesday 31st August at 6.00 pm