April 2021

Minutes of Directors Meetingi Thursday 22 April, 2021 The Old Colliery Office 1800 pm

Present:- P Blanksby (Chair), K.F Payne, K Payne, A Whiteway, Rita Bullock, S Hryschko, M Wright, Mike King & Jane Bailey via video link

Apologies:- None

Minute Taker :-Kath Payne

Declaration of interest:-None

21/91D Minutes of Last Meeting – Matters Arisin The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.

21/92D Financial Report:- Accounts for 2019/2020 were presented to the board and accepted .

21/93D Kevin’s report Kevin’s report was read and approved RMBC are re-evaluating our rates situation and should be receiving a rate refund Environmental Health been in contact regarding noise from the footballs hitting the wire netting. They are to investigate the complaint. .

21/94D Kims report Accepted and noted Talks began about partnership with NHS regarding Social Prescribing

21/95D M King report Talks are ongoing with the Football Association linking to Community Coach educating and Monitoring 3 quotes have been received for windows It was suggested that training be given on use of the Defibrillator

21/96D AOB:- 1. Food Bank application are still low. SH spoke to the Board about the possibility of joining a “Local Pantry” franchise which is less onerous on members answering questions. For a membership of e.g. £4.50 people get to take 10 items from the “shop”. The Board agreed to try the franchise. Meeting has also been held with “Greencore” who wish to support the Trust in this project and will help with the necessary room move and refurbishment 2. SH has organised for volunteers to help with creating a Wild Flower Meadow on the land near the railway – 17th, 24th April and 1st May

NEXT MEETING:- Thursday 20th May 2021 at 6.00 pm