March 2022

Minutes of Directors Meeting
Thursday 21/3/22

Helen Greer-Waring (acting Chair) (HGW
Kath Payne (KP)
Keith F Payne (KFP)
Lindsey Turner (LT)
Joy Wright (JW)
Kevin Bennett (KB)
Mick King (MK)
Kim Warner (KW)

Martin Gray (MG)
Minute Taker
Kath Payne

Declaration of Interest
Lindsey Turner – Parish Councillor
Joy Wright – Ebiz Trustee

22/15D Minutes of Last Meeting
The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting

22/15D matters arising
No arising Matters about the report

22/16D Financial Report including Building Managers Report
KB updated The Board on the status of the accounts.
The pitches will need a replacement with an estimate of £150k. Reserves of non-restricted
funding needs to be built up to cover the costs due in around 5 years.
KB updated the Board about the advantages of Quick Books as recommended by VAR. The
Board agreed to change to Quick Books from SAGE.

The Charities Commission and Companies House have been updated with the accounts for 2020/21.
The Kiveton Pharmacy located in the garage area have expressed an interest in having an advertising banner on the fencing around the pitches. The Board discussed the advantages and disadvantages. The Board resolved that an advertising banner would be acceptable but prior approval of the size and artwork would need to be agreed with the Board.

Following on from the agreement to place speed bumps on the driveway leading to the Colliery Offices Car Park at the last meeting, MG will take this forward with KB.
The Board also agreed to replace the fluorescent lighting in the front room to LED. This will contribute to greater energy efficiency.
Kevin has been seeking quotes for the painting of the front room, the meeting room and downstairs corridor.
The Board agreed to not proceed with the windows bid due lack of evidence around compliance with government procurement policy with the outcome of the tender process.

An increase in the printing costs for the Community Matters Magazine was discussed by the board. LT to check and compare costs with other printers. The Trust will absorb some of the increase for the latest edition but will need to consider how best the increasing cost can be offset to a break-even position.

22/17D Social Prescriber Report
Funding for a further twelve months has been agreed in principle. This is to contribute to the salary costs of the Social Prescriber. The total allocation of £8,000 has been allocated with a breakdown of £6,000 towards development time and £2,000 for patient referral time.
Leaflets advertising the Tuesday Lunch Club have been distributed around the local area including Finningley Lodge. The Lunch Club is gradually building up but not yet at prepandemic levels.
KW has been working with Trustees and MK in developing a new business plan.
Actions in the planning stage are:
Men’s group – referral from Social Prescriber at the GP Surgery
Coffee morning – existing provision is on a Monday morning, looking to expand
After-school club – Research what provision is required
English Heritage – build upon the unique position and historical context of the Grade II Listed
Building we are in and the mining background on which the village was built.
Celebrating working class culture – embrace the mining history and develop the educational
aspect of this
Gardening group – develop the community garden, look at having some ‘grow your own’ facility

22/18D Ebiz update JW
At the board meeting JW updated the Board and confirmed that Ebiz had arranged a ‘man and van’ to move the remaining items from the building on Saturday 26 March 2022.
Concerns were expressed about the governance of Ebiz processes and procedures. The question was raised that if Ebiz membership is one (The Trust) and membership is nontransferrable, what is the legal position going forward.

Date of next meeting 21 April 2022