June 2023

Meeting Monthly Board
Date 6th June 2023 Time 18.00
Location Old Colliery Offices

Lindsey Turner Trustee and Chair
Kath Payne Trustee
Joy Wright Trustee
Mick King Consultant
Karen Bond. Finance Officer
Kim Warner Social Proscribing Officer
Rob Wheater Football Volunteer

Kevin Bennett Building Manager

Item Action

001 Welcome and Apologies
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were
noted as above.
The meeting was quorate.

002 Declarations of Interest
Joy Wright is a Director of Kivo Ebiz

003 Minutes of last meeting
No minutes were presented for approval, the Chair would follow this
up for the next meetings although notes were available
As the AGM was not advertised it would be the next meeting.

004 The Charity Commission
4.1 A phone call had been made and everything seems quite Happy.

005 Roles and Responsibilities
5.1Changes should take place regarding staffing issues
5.2 We need to recruit for someone to work Wednesday, Thursday &
Friday and work on perhaps a phased succession planning Contract,
letters of employment induction terms and conditions, voluntary work
and weekend working

Lindsey to make Ron Moderator
More people need for opening and closing pitches it was suggested
the the group open to more people who could be available
Discussions took place over cost who turn up and play suggested that
supervising adults should be no cost
Discussions took place regarding payment and different methods were

Mick Kings report
A group called Mini Kickers is hoping to be up and running
He has a funding bid to finance and monitors more groups including 2
extra chair based exercise groups as warm bank
A funding bid has gone into the Coop for a light lunch group

Kim’s Report
The lunch Club on Tuesdays are getting busier
Tony Cowgill from Crossroads is looking to fund a careers support group.