Our field of dreams

We were thrilled to announce in September 2015 that we have secured a major investment boost for the community of close to half a million pounds for a new all weather sports facility to replace the onsite tarmac sports  facility that was in urgent need of repair. Three years work by the development trust  came to fruition when major funders  finally gave the green light.

The old  facility (established approx 15 years ago) was tired and in urgent need of repair. So the dream was to bring it up to date with a state of the art all weather facility that would include the latest in 3G all weather playing surfaces, Multi mesh re-bound fencing and Abacus sports floodlighting.  And now that dream has become a reality.

Steph Hryschko chair of the trust said  “We were absolutely thrilled about the news. But this is not just about refurbishing a facility, but more about improving the lives of people in our community.  To create a place that will be central in developing people’s confidence, teamwork, discipline, health and well being.  This is not just about football, but multi-sports and particularly about involving disabled individuals and groups in sport”

“When we conceived the project back in 2012, extensive consultation took place with groups and organisations throughout South Yorkshire. And with endorsments including Kiveton Park Football club, Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Trust, South Yorkshire Police and the support of the community, we found the overwhelming opinion was that to bring an all weather facility to the community would be an invaluable asset. So we set up a steering group and working closely with local groups to make this a reality”

“We hope the community will become even more involved in the new facility and will come forward and join us to ensure this becomes a worthwhile legacy for future generations”