November 2020

Minutes of Directors Meeting
Thursday 5th November 2020
The Old Colliery Office
6.00 pm

Present:- P Blanksby (Chair), A Whiteway, Rita Bullock, , S Hryschko, M Wright, Keith Payne, Kath Payne, Simon Nuttall, Fran Blanksby (observing)

Apologies:- None

Minute Taker :- Steph Hryschko

Declaration of interest:-None

20/60D Minutes of Last Meeting – Matters Arising

The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.

20/61D Financial Report:-

SH distributed a copy of the bank balances.

20/62D Staff Reports

Reports were distributed from KB and KW.
The Board agreed for KB to go ahead with contacting “Baggie” for Christmas lights and repair of floodlight

20/63D Trustee Recruitment update

MK has successfully contacted a number of potential new Trustees and an informal “garden meeting” has been arranged for 17th December to replace the normal Board Meeting.

20/64D :- Pavilion build & Football Foundation update

SH reported on the delays to further funding bids. The Football Foundation require confirmation of the VAT implications from a qualified expert. We are expecting funding support from Power to Change to cover this in the next month. SN said that, in his opinion, the whole Pavilion Build was a waste of time.

20/65D :Latest Lockdown situation and furlough continuation

There will be an immediate closure of the Sports Park with resultant loss of income.
We will be sending out an e-mail via all the local schools to ask if any more families require our help in terms of food parcels.

20/66D :Newsletter and Social Media postings

KB will be working on a newsletter to be distributed in December. It is a priority that the community are kept updated of the support available from the Trust and other organisations in the community. CO will be highlighting this on all the social media.

20/67D A.O.B. None.

NEXT MEETING:- Thursday 17th December 2020 at 10.00 am