March 2021

Minutes of Directors Meeting Thursday 18th March 2021 The Old Colliery Office 18.00 pm

Present:- P Blanksby (Chair), K.F Payne, K Payne, A Whiteway, Rita Bullock, S Hryschko, M Wright Via Zoom S Nuttall

Apologies:- None

Minute Taker :-Kath Payne

Declaration of interest:-None

21/84D Minutes of Last Meeting – Matters Arising The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting. PB Contacted Rotherham Borough Council regarding memorial Plane Crash June 1951

21/85D Financial Report:- At the moment the Trust is in a healthy position and e-biz should have an end of year donation to the Trust of around £15k PB Thanked everyone in E-biz for the time the staff have put in The accounts are up to date for 2019 -2020 and NW is now able to start 2020-2021 Salaries gone out today Kilo-Ebiz £18,059.72 Trust. £62278.12 Creative £1,565.76 Sports Park £84,279.58 Total £166,183.18

21/86D Kevin’s report Kevin’s report was read and approved We have a new, temporary tenant, Lee Bennett, for 3 months

21/87D Kims report Some issues with the food bank referral system from Rotherham Council have been sorted and should now start to pick up. Numbers have been very low to date. KW and MK reported back that the Patient Participation Group are impressed at the work already been done at the Trust. Meetings are getting set up with Primary Care Network linked into Social Prescribing

21/88D. Planning Application Planning consent has been received for 2 containers with the proviso that the outside is timber clad within 6 months. SN would have to sort out his container with the Planning Department

21/89D M King report 3 quotes have been received for improvements to the windows

21/90D AOB:- Report received of 2 boys climbing up the wire fence onto the sports park. We believe it to be a “one off” but we will monitor this closely.

SH reported that a further £30k had been granted from Garfield Weston Foundation

NEXT MEETING:- Thursday 22 April 2021 at 6.00 pm