Oct 2021

Minutes of Directors Meeting

The Old Colliery Offices

Tuesday 12th October 2021


Present: Michael Wright (Chair), Rita Bullock, Keith Payne, Kath Payne, Helen Greer-Waring, Martin Gray, Simon Nuttall, Mick King

Apologies: Cameron Williams, Steph

Declaration of Interest: None declared

21/117 Minutes of last meeting: Agreed

21/118 Matters arising: The board had previously been advised that all trustees, staff and volunteers should be DBS checked.  Michael advised the board that not everyone needs one.  Action: what roles require a DBS?

Remove Kevin as a safeguarding officer named in the safeguarding policy.

Michael, doesn’t think we need a safeguarding policy as a matter of law, but good practice may require one and he will look into it further.

Weekend opening – to be discussed.  How are we going to manage this going forward to ensure the pitches are open at weekends?

Business Plan – subcommittee to be formed to take this work forward. 

CCTV – Martin will follow up getting quotes.

21/119 Parish Council Rep update at next meeting

21/120 Youth Initiative a meeting was held with a few local people keen to take forward youth issues and have a provision in the village.  We need to develop our partnership work.  PC Williams has a lot of suggestions and is keen to get involved.  Mick will progress down this path.

21/121 Renovation of Sash Windows Mick obtained a grant for partial funding (approximately 25% of the £40,000+ cost), but some questions:

  1. Is the quote still valid ?
  2. Do we need Grade 2 listings approval?
  3. Can we get help from the Heritage Lottery Fund?
  4. Would expenditure of this magnitude from the Trust’s funds be an appropriate use of resources at this time

21/122 Finance Report No report available. 

21/123 Staff reports reports from Kim and Kevin, both noted.

21/124 Removal of Container must be sorted by the next meeting, Simon agreed and would make the necessary arrangements.

21/125 School Uniform Swap Service now located at CDT.

21/126 Any Other Business Social media – we need to be more visible and pro-active.

Rita gave notice that she intended to resign at Christmas/end of the year.

Recognition and a thank you to Arthur and Peter for their many years of service to the Trust.  We agreed that an afternoon tea for them plus a partner may be appreciated, somewhere nice such as Van Dykes.

Date of next meeting

16th November at 6pm