Minutes 4th May 2023

Minutes of Directors Meeting.                                    

The Old Colliery Office

4th May 2023 @ 18:00

Present: –   Lindsey Turner (Chair), Kath Payne, Joy Wright, Kevin Bennet, Kim Warner, Mick King John Leaver Rob Weaten                     

Apologies: -Helen Greer Waring

Minute Taker: -Kath Payne

Declaration of interest: -Joy Wright EBiz & Lindsey Turner Parish Council

001 Minute of last meeting

Themins last meeting nor available yet                                                                         

 002. Financial Report:-

Financial report not available


003  Kevin’s Report

3.1 discussion on young people and anti social behaviour on the pitches

3.2 Discussions about pitches open 7 days per week

3.2 Rob discussed the options of on line booking system use of wrist bands and what’s app group for opening and closing pitches        


004 Kims report

4.1 lunch groups continue to get busier

4,2 still issues regarding food bank

4.3 further discussion needed re Community Fridge

005 Mick’s Report

5.1 chair exercise is running very well and is well attended

5.2 a further group is looking to begin on Monday Afternoon

5.3. Mick has further plans for more groups and is continuing to get funding to support the groups

006  report from John Leaver

6.1 the better Today sessions are running really well

6.2 looking at options to get young people into the building

6.3 John requested if any office becomes available could he be considered so he can have a room where private conversations could take place

007 Partners meeting

7.1 Kevin to send a list to Lindsey of invitees to Partners meeting to be arrange?.

7.2. Lindsey to send out invites

008 Building usage

8.1 discussions took place regarding the opening of the building 5/7 days per week

8.2 need to obtain more staff to cover lost days /times ect

No any other business

NEXT meetings to be arranged