KPWCDT   Directors Meeting


The Old Colliery Office

24th August 2017

Present – P Blanksby (Chair), S Hryschko, A Whiteway,  K Stone, C Goodlad, M Wright               K Bennett

Apologies – D Beck  M Gray R Bullock

Minute Taker – K Stone

2017/198D   Declaration of Interest   MW declared interest in the scouts lease.

2017/199D   Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising.

With amendment to 191D, Staff pay, should read Building Manager and Finance Officer.

C Goodlad will be working 4 days a week.

Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record proposed by KS, seconded by SH.

2017/200D   CEO Report.

CG presented her report to the Board. The main points being:-

SPS going well with 6 new referrals this month.

Memory Walk in aid of Alzheimer’s Society has been  organised for 16th September 2017.

New volunteer starting on 4th September.

2017/201D   Report from K Bennett

KB presented his report to the Board.The report was discussed at length.

Main points being:-

Concerns regarding Activ Regens poor delivery of summer programme funded by Awards for All. The Boards decision was not to pay for undelivered programmes.

New caretaker required to replace Derek.

Building.  A leaking radiator in Activ Regens office has caused damage to the floor and ceiling. On checking Activ Regens office it was found to be in overloaded in certain areas, damage to our ceikling to be checked. AR to be advised regarding overloading cabinets etc. Awaiting estimates for insurance claim for water damage.

Car park and grounds problems persist with quad bikes and cars spinning round in the car park putting our staff and members of the public in danger. Still trying to get some action from SYP.    KB thanked the Board for the pay award.

SH raised the question regarding paying £900pa for the CCTV monitoring, this payment is to cease, PB to inform KK.

2017/201D   Financial Report.

Financial reports reviewed by the Board, no problems or questions.

2017/202D   Café update.

Extension applied for as we are still waiting for the plans.

2017/203D   Scouts Lease.

Because of time restraints this item has been deferred until the September meeting. MW asked the S Bass be allowed to attend all Trustees agreed.

2017/197D   Any other Business

It was decided that the CEO Report and Building Managers report could be submitted in writing and that CG and KB need not attend the meeting in person.

Time and date of next Board meeting 1600 hrs 28th September 2017

 Date and time of AGM – 6pm on 5th October 2017 at the Colliery Offices.