KPWCDT  Directors Meeting


The Old Colliery Office

23rd November 2017

Present – K Stone, M Wright, P Blanksby, (Chair), S Nuttall, D Beck

Apologies – A Hantke, A Whiteway, S Hryschko, R Bullock, M Gray.

Minute Taker – K Stone

2017/215D   Declaration of Interest   None

2017/216D   Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising.

205D £900 per year for CCTV to be cancelled PB to action. Now cancelled.

2017/217D   CEO Report

The Board read and discussed the report, noted the SPS details, MW has checked with the school suppliers and reports they are very competitively priced. Also noted the presentation of the cheque from the co-op.

2017/218D   K Bennett report.

Board viewed the report, all agreed that a separate account should be set up and funds put into it for future pitch replacements also look at ways to invest this money. The view of the Board is that if we cannot get a volunteer to do the weekly pitch maintenance we should pay someone to do it. SN raised the issue of building maintenance, such as windows/frames and cleaning bird mess off the building.

2017/219D   Financial Reports

The Board reviewed the accounts, all in order. One question asked was, do any of the profits from the Sports Park go into CDT accounts, to be clarified.

2017/220D   Any other Business

PB suggested when we have a short agenda it would be a good idea to discuss a particular subject/problem.

Date and time of next Board meeting 4pm 4th Jan 2018

The AGM will 6.30pm on the 22nd February 2018