February 2021

Minutes of Directors Meeting

Thursday 18th February, 2021

The Old Colliery Office

18.00 pm

Present:-   P Blanksby (Chair), K.F Payne, K Payne, A Whiteway, Rita Bullock, S Hryschko, M Wright, M King, Martin Grey                   

Apologies:-  S Nuttall, J Cope, J  Bailey

Minute Taker : Kath Payne

Declaration of interest: None

21/77D Minutes of Last Meeting – Matters Arising


21/78D Financial Report:-

Atthe moment the Trust is in a healthy financial position.

It was agreed that all trustees would, once a month, partake in financial checks on a rota basis. The rota will be drawn up by RB

This is part of our finance security policy to randomly check the Sage inputs of the Finance Officer and will also give all Trustees a better understanding of our Sage Accounts system.


Kevin’s report

Kevin’sreport was read and approved

Board requested the the Abacus Contract be circulated among Trustees to examine the detail of the contract.

It was also confirmed that the Trust should remain politically unbiased regarding the content of Community Matters magazine.

21/80D Kim’s report

Referrals still slow regarding the food bank service. SH to send further letters to the schools.

Harthill have now transferred all their food bank stock to us

21/81D. Planning Application

Conversations have been taking place with SH and the planning officer regarding the containers .The planning officer suggested placing a wooden fence around the containers. It was suggested that the PO could give other options other than a fence

21/82D M King report

Mike is looking at the Business Plan and Staff Structuring.  He is also working on a funding bid for replacement /restoration  of the office windows

The board received an update on the pavilion development and funding. We received confirmation of a further £30,000 from Garfield Weston Foundation. MG said that Harsco would provide a letter to confirm an in-kind contribution of £200,000 to the building work

21/83D   AOB:-

  1.  KB has sent building and “movement flow” plans to RMBC with regard to use of the Old Colliery Offices as a polling Station
  • MW asked about having some sort of Memorial regarding an Air Crash that happened locally 29th June 1951

All agreed in principle. PB will contact the council and SH will contact the History Society to see if we can set up a joint working group for this

NEXT MEETING:- Thursday 18th March    2021  at 6.00 pm