April 2022

Minutes of Directors Meeting
Thursday 21st April 2022 Colliery Offices 6pm

Present:- Martin Gray chair, Lindsey Turner, Joy Wright, K Payne, Kevin Bennett, M King

Apologies:- K F Payne

Minute Taker :-Kath Payne

Declaration of interest:-
J Wright – Ebiz
L Turner – Parish Council

22/20D Minutes of Last Meeting – Matters Arising

The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.

22/21D Matters arising

No arising matters about the report

22/22D Financial Report:-

Kevin talked through the finances and current bank balances.
Ingrid making good progress with the finance transfer to Quick Books.
Tenants arrears, stumbled across these by chance.
Active Regen: Have now paid half of what they owe and will double up going forward each month to catch up.
CIIS: Kevin has tried to ring and email Gary brown at their head office in Portsmouth but are not answering either. Their office upstairs room 31 is still full and is still listed on their website. Kevin managed to speak with one of the employees Joy and she too is confused as to when or if they are coming back.
Difficult to understand how our previous finance officer let it get this bad and never brought it to the boards attention.
Ebiz balance to be transferred as soon as possible and invoice issued for termination of ebiz phone line.

Helen has now resigned and is to be removed from Companies house, also to check whether Cameron has also been removed.

22/24D Kevin’s report

Sports Final budget sheet for 21/22 presented showing a plus £50k surplus for the first time.

Kevin, Kim, Ingrid and Mick moved into larger office it is well laid out tidy and creates a much better environment and is more ergonomic

Martins people have been out to measure up for new LED lighting in room 8 & 10 and also for speed ramps to be put in place.

There is still ongoing situation regarding Green Container (Motor bike store) Deadline to move container 23rd May. KK Rider have not responded in anyway, think they are hoping it will go away. Martin indicated that he will get the container moved if necessary.

Joy asked about Kiveton Pharmacy and a Vinyl advertising banner, the price has been put to them but they have yet to take it up.

Decorating to be taking place shortly so will need to have the (food bank) relocated.

Cost of printing of the magazine, we may need to reduce pages in the next edition because of the increase in price, review nearer the time.
Current edition of the magazine is out for delivery.

Joy introduced Kerry Doona and Steven Cockburn to talk about a community fridge.
A visit to the one in Chapletown to be organised to see how it works and whether it is something for us. Suggested for the visit were Joy, Kerry and Kim.

22/26D Kim’s report

Referrals are still slow but steady

New Social Prescribing contract with VAR now agreed and signed off.

All groups now back running.
Lunch group leaflets recently distributed at all bungalows at Finningley Lodge, Victoria court, Viking way and Keeton Rd.

22/27D Mick King report

Mick briefly touched on the new 3 year Business/funding plan and agreed to meet with Martin at Harsco along with Kevin in the next few days to discuss further.

Kath Payne to work on jubilee celebrations with Lindsey Warner

              Date of next meeting Thursday May 19th 2022  at  6pm