MAY 2018


KPWCDT  Directors Meeting

5.30 pm

The Old Colliery Office

30th May 2018

Present:-   P Blanksby (Chair), S Hryschko,  A Whiteway,  M Wright, R Bullock

Apologies:-    D Beck

Absent:-      Amanda Hankel, Martin Gray, Simon Nuttall

Minute Taker :-  R Bullock

2018/013D – Declaration of:- SH and PB Fire hazard Kivo-Ebiz

2018/014D – Matters Arising:-

2018/015D – Election of Officers:-     P Blanksby – Chair

M Wright – Treasurer

R Bullock – Secretary

All present agreed.  KB to be asked to contact Companies House.

2018/016D  – Installation of Electric Meter for Garage – Put on hold for time being

2018017D – Gas & Electric Vat:- Will cost slightly more but we are going to claim 82% non-business and 18% business

2018/018D – Financial Report:-  KB to be asked about the difference between the difference between the forecast and the Bank account

2018/019D – Hand Dryers:-  AW to look into price

2019/020D – KB Report:-

Building:-  Active Regen have still not cleared all the heavy boxes from their office and are still in arrear with their rent

Drains:-  MW advised that from his experience the defects show in the report are not significant to cause blockages – the blockages are caused by paper towels and an excess of toilet paper being flushed

Fire Risk Assessment:-  The Board agreed to go ahead with the assessment.

Fire Alarm:-  Agreed to KB accepting the best quote for the necessary servicing.

Windows:-  The 4 broken windows should be repaired with plastic  MW Proposed and PB Seconded.  SH suggested that we should consider charging for the breakages which always happen on Monday nights when Power League are playing.  Perhaps we should ask Brian to let us know the culprits.

Fire Risk Assessment:-  The quotation for the Fire Risk of #195 has been accepted by the Board.  It was also agreed that more information is required with regard to fire proofing the box room

2018/0021D – JH report:-  Julie’s first report was accepted  Julie is to keep an eye on the Luncheon Club and also the Gardening Club as only one person has joined this.

Job Vacancies:-  PB is going to call on Sue Brooks to see how she is.  Gary Schofield has been in  touch about someone for the cleaning job and Julie Hall has also been asked to consider the job.  Julie would be self-employed and would invoice us monthly

2918/022D:- Café steering Group – The first meeting will b e held on Friday, 1st June 2018 at 10am – noon

Time and date of next Board meeting – Wednesday, 11th July 2018 at 4.30 pm