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Lets get the village BUZZING!

bee-705412_640There was definitely a buzz in the room when 26 people met in the Library in January. They were representing at least 21 different organisations, clubs and groups from our Parish as well as few who were simply there as people who live in the village.

The aims of the event were to find ways to make our village an even better place to live by

  • Getting people talking and sharing ideas
  • Looking at opportunities for working together

We came up with too many ideas to list them all here but you’ll see some of them in the The Future section of the consultation in the middle pages of this Community Matters. One exciting idea needs a mention though. The group said they wanted to have a celebration event that everyone can take part in. And so was born the idea of the

Celebration pop-up picnic

We held our first planning meeting at the Old Colliery Offices on 1st March, so we don’t know yet when the picnic will be or what we’ll do on the day, but we’ve got a few ideas….

Its 150 years since Kiveton Pit first reached the coal seam

Its 240 years since Chesterfield Canal was opened

so maybe we can have some fun remembering our heritage.

We’ll have a marquee, so maybe we could have a ‘do’ in the evening too.

We’ve got the amphitheatre in the Community Woodland so maybe we could use that for entertainments.

Please let us know your ideas and we’re always looking for more people to help, both in organising the picnic and on the day. Please call us on 773348 or email if you want to take part in any way.

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