January 2024

Directors Meeting – 11th January 2024
Venue: CDT, Colliery Offices

Minutes & Actions

Lindsey Turner (Chair) | Kerry Lowe| Carolynn Ogden
Kim Warner | Cheryl Thompson
Laura Hickey | Mick King

Kevin Bennett


1 Review Previous Minutes/Actions
Lindsey signed off from last meeting:
Outstanding Actions/Reviews reviewed & any carried forward added to Actions
2 Matters Arising

3 Declaration of Interest
4 Financial Reports/Review
Cheryl presented reports as requested previously and explained there are quite a few anomalies with coding/Locations etc that have been uncovered that need some work on and amending
Lindsey requested that the full 193 Page Financial report be emailed to Trustees as it was too large to print
Cheryl will work through making any amendments that can be done without affecting the accounts. Moving forward Cheryl will liaise with Laura to discuss the possibility of new codes etc in time for next Financial year accounts and to better suit the Trust reporting etc

5 Yorkshire & Humberside Update – Mick
Mick presented his January 2024 Annual report detailing annual participation levels for groups. The final figures for the Yorkshire & Humber Grant for 2023 is detailed in the report along with a summary and conclusion of how this has worked within CDT
(See full report)
Vikki & John’s groups were mentioned & Mick discuss these with them and also speak with John to help him with his future funding & guidance

6 Social Prescribing Update – Kim
Kim presented her report which detailed all current groups & future funding. Kim spoke of her recent 8 month SLR meeting with Barry Knowles at VAR which was very positive. He will be using Kim’s Q3 report to take to panel at the end of January which is a big compliment.

It was discussed that Kerry would look at possibly making up food hampers for Kim to take out with her on her Social Prescribing Visits.

7 Football Income Generation Summary – Kevin
Unfortunately Kevin was unable to attend the meeting and the email report he sent to Lindsey failed. It was decided that Football as a whole will be discussed at the next meeting .

8 Report – Laura
Laura presented her report and forecast for 2024/25. She highlighted areas that need review moving forward. The subject of coding in Quickbooks was discussed and it was agreed that some amendments need to be made to accounts/categories/coding etc to make reporting and forecasting more accurate. Laura & Cheryl will continue the work Cheryl has already started on this but with a view to save any major changes until the new Financial year to avoid causing problems with this year’s accounts.
(See report)

Laura also mentioned that Active Regen who currently rent some office space may be looking to downsize and therefore a possible rejig/room change may be considered with Everwarm

HUBBUB, Keepwarm was mentioned as Funding opportunities for 2024 and will be explored further

9 Shelving for Lunch Club Flour etc
Carried forward to next meeting c/Fwd

10 Kiveton Creative Closure
The final details of wind up were discussed and it was noted there has been a hold up due to directors being removed before final closure. Kevin has some forms that need submitting to finalise this and Lindsey will need to sign

11 Community Fridge Update
Kerry raised a concern over members of the public placing food in the fridge & freezer. Whilst this is very much appreciated it needs to be monitored for safety
It was noted that Charlotte will should check daily and that her hours need looking at to make sure we can cover the checks each day

Kerry mentioned a funding opportunity that has arisen at her workplace HSBC that we could be eligible for. She explained it needs to be a strong case and will obtain the criteria and speak to Mick & Laura – Application has to be in by February

The CF Camera has now been placed on one of the computer’s in the office & will also be set up on a laptop in the office following the recent incident of a person accessing food in the Lunch club fridge etc. Laura has ordered a door alarm to be fitted to the door that leads into main building and mentioned that Cheryl had suggested a security/fire type bar to stop people getting through from the outside but allowing exit as an escape route as a fire exit.
This will be discussed further once other options etc considered. Laura raised a concern regarding security & lone working in relation to this also which will also be further discussed

Lindsey acknowledged the Fly Zapper she is sourcing

EHO Food labelling is still ongoing – Kerry & Laura to take over chasing this

12 AOB
Trust Manager Appointment
Lindsey announced that Laura had been appointed as CDT Trust Manager starting Monday 15th January 2024. Laura was invited to stay behind after the meeting to discuss final terms etc. Over the coming weeks Laura’s role will become more defined by the Trustees and she will work with staff to assist and define current roles and her new role within The Trust.
Mick provided job description for discussion

Minutes from previous Meeting
Lindsey asked if minutes from meetings could be provided earlier where possible

Trustee Update
Carolynn Ogden has been registered on Companies House and she confirmed she had received correspondence from them.
Joy Wright has been removed following her resignation, however Jeremy Clark has not yet due to Legalities
Potential New trustees and procedures were discussed and Mick provided a Job Description

Staff Hours/Timesheets
Lindsey requested with immediate effect that all Staff should complete a timesheet of all hours worked and submit to Laura each week for authorising

BBQ – June 22nd/29th
This event is still in planning. It was noted that Mark Whiteman has pencilled in his Trailer on Tap Bar for the event. It was suggested that Resti may be considered to provide the food

Better Today
The Better Today 1 year anniversary event was discussed. It was decided that the Trust should support John with this event. Lindsey & Kerry will look into the possibility of a balloon arch & Cake/Cupcakes

Kerry brought up the subject of Football bookings, sorting rubbish etc and that it needed to be a priority. Lindsey explained that unfortunately Kevin’s email report hadn’t come through properly but this will all be discussed in depth at next meeting

The bolts on some of the bumps have again dislodged. It was noted Travellers Taxis had raised concern that someone could burst a tyre. Lindsey will speak to Martin tomorrow to resolve

It was agreed that the Volunteer list, records & procedures need updating. Kerry & Laura will update this as priority

CF Money/Funds
Lindsey & Kerry have donations to hand over to Cheryl ASAP

Cheryl asked for clarification of donations received that included FareShare items and if the monies received should all be allocated into CF pot on Quickbooks. As it was advised that this is the case she then raised the question should the FareShare invoice be split between Trust General Funds and the Community Fridge Funds for CF to ‘pay’ a portion of the Invoice. Kerry agreed that this needed looking into and discussions will be had