May 2019

Directors Meeting
Thursday, 16th May 2019
The Old Colliery Office
4.00 pm

Present:- P Blanksby (Chair), S Hryschko, M Wright, R Bullock, A Whiteway

Apologies:- D Beck, M Gray

Absent:- S Nuttall

Minute Taker :- R Bullock

Declaration of interest:- None

Minutes of Last Meeting:- Accepted proposed by MW and seconded

2019/014D – Matters Arising:–

Pat Testing – Kyle Wakelin has agreed to be trained to do this. A course has been booked.

Active Regen cheques “bounced” but new cheques have now been issued.

2019/015 – KB report (attached):-

Gazebo:- Work needs to be done on the bricks. They need cleaning and the names need to be renewed and then sealed. The chairs in the gazebo can be skipped if necessary.

Sports Park:- MW queried “What are Replay really doing on their quarterly visits?” A We have our own rubber crumb and this is not being used. Can we find out the best price for buying rubber crumb and can we also try to do the spreading ourselves. Maybe Brian could be asked to do a little at a time. KB to be asked to look for the original Replay contract and if not found to ask Replay for a copy.

2019/016 – Social Prescribing:- The new Social Prescribing Officers are in post and have organised completion of all outstanding referrals from departure of previous Social Prescribing Officer . SH reported that they are settling in well and forming good relationships with clients already.
2019/017 – Financial Report:- The Board accepted the Financial Report supplied by KK and agreed that we appear to be in a healthy position with no outstanding concerns.

2019/017 – Luncheon Club:- The Probationary Contract with “Mollies & Poppies” is to end. KW has sourced an alternative cook with good feedback. Linda Hallam is to commence work on the 28th May 2019.

2019/018 – Pavilion & RMBC Report: – SH had a meeting with Matthew Stuart, RMBC Economic & Development Services. SH gave him the figures we had received for all the work. MS has given a figure of £35,400 plus VAT all-inclusive = £42,000. One cost we may have to pay separately is the Site Investigation (£6,000 approx.) RMBC to be asked about the option of staged payments?

All Board Members present agree to proceed with the work and engage RMBC for the detailed plans of the Pavillion.
The Board agreed to reserve £50,000 of funds towards the building of the Sports Pavilion if there is a shortfall in funding.

Any Other Business:- None.

Time and date of next Board meeting – Thursday, 27th June, 2019 at 4.00pm