defib in place 2We now have an emergency defibrillator here at the Kiveton Community Sports Park  The defibrillator is in a specially heated cabinet which is accessible 24/7 and is located on the outside of our building opposite the pitches.

The defibrillator has been registered with the Yorkshire ambulance service and access to the cabinet is by dialing 999 ( see front of cabinet) and following their instructions.

As I am sure you will agree an important and vital piece of kit, but hope that it never has to be used.

Special thanks go to Martin Gray of Harsco for the kind and very generous donation of the defibrillator and to START – A -HEART Rotherham we also kindly and very generously donated the special cabinet.

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Lets get the village BUZZING!

bee-705412_640There was definitely a buzz in the room when 26 people met in the Library in January. They were representing at least 21 different organisations, clubs and groups from our Parish as well as few who were simply there as people who live in the village.

The aims of the event were to find ways to make our village an even better place to live by

  • Getting people talking and sharing ideas
  • Looking at opportunities for working together

We came up with too many ideas to list them all here but you’ll see some of them in the The Future section of the consultation in the middle pages of this Community Matters. One exciting idea needs a mention though. The group said they wanted to have a celebration event that everyone can take part in. And so was born the idea of the

Celebration pop-up picnic

We held our first planning meeting at the Old Colliery Offices on 1st March, so we don’t know yet when the picnic will be or what we’ll do on the day, but we’ve got a few ideas….

Its 150 years since Kiveton Pit first reached the coal seam

Its 240 years since Chesterfield Canal was opened

so maybe we can have some fun remembering our heritage.

We’ll have a marquee, so maybe we could have a ‘do’ in the evening too.

We’ve got the amphitheatre in the Community Woodland so maybe we could use that for entertainments.

Please let us know your ideas and we’re always looking for more people to help, both in organising the picnic and on the day. Please call us on 773348 or email bridget@kpwcdt.co.uk if you want to take part in any way.

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14691087_1788226988123423_3033654199345708360_nWEDNESDAY CRAFT GROUP   9.30am – 12pm

Have a heart! The Wednesday Craft group have been busy making more Bonding Hearts but we desperately need more fabric. If you have any suitable fabric spare that you are willing to donate we would be very grateful.

If you can sew, or would like to learn, why not come along and give us a hand on Wednesday mornings 9.30-12.

We will be doing a range of other crafts too such as card making, knitting/crochet and book folding – all welcome!

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Lunch & Games Club



KPWCDT has now become a Social Prescribing Hub for the area.

What is Social Prescribing? Social Prescribing is a service which is about helping people with Long-term conditions to access non-medical sources of support within the community.  This could be in the form of activities and groups, or volunteering.  It has been shown to reduce people’s feelings of social isolation, helps them to make friends and to enjoy a range of activities, which in turn has a positive effect on how they feel about themselves.  The evidence suggests that this also helps to reduce GP attendance and Hospital admissions, so saving money for the NHS.

As part of this programe, we have started a Lunch and Games group which runs on Tuesdays & Wednesdays  from 12-2pm.  After Lunch we play  a range of board games, domino’s, cards and quizzes.   We are aiming to make these activities accessible for all, so whether you are in a wheelchair user, are recovering from a stroke, have a visual impairment or have difficulty with grip, we will do our best to include you.

The cost is only £5.00 including lunch (phone Julie on 01909 773348 to book a place).  You don’t have to be a social prescribing patient to join in so come along, meet new friends and have some fun.

There will be more activities coming soon so watch this space…!


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Walking Football

MONDAYS 6-7pm  Just £4

Dig out your boots and make a comeback Walking Football is here at the Kiveton Community Sports Park


Walking Football is a great way to keep fit, have fun and socialise all at the same time.

If you are interested either give us a call on (01909) 773348 or just come on down on a Monday evening.



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Work Starts

IMG_3069Work started as planned on the 25th January of our NEW 3G ALL weather sports facility.

The work carried out by Charles Lawrence Surfaces is expected to last approx 12-15 weeks.

We will be the first facility to incorporate the very latest in artificial grass.

The PROFOOT MASTERMAX 60 manufactured by LANO  has only just been launched after recently passing its stringent testing procedures.

Please click on the following link to get a birds eye view of the development.

http://vertexaccess.co.uk/360/SteelphaltKiveton20160128.html        Use the wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out, hold  left click down and move your mouse left, right, up and down to move all over the area.

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Sports Facility Re-Development Update.

Page 1  aWork on our field of dreams to start Monday 25th January.

That’s the day the contractors Charles Lawrence Surfaces move in to start the work, which is expected to take approx 12 weeks.



Exciting times are a head, so look out for further updates.

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Major Community Investment

Sports Notice website 2015A major investment boost for the community of close to half a million pounds in a new all weather sports facility has been announced by the Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust.

Three years work by the development trust came to fruition this week, when major funders finally gave the green light.

The current Colliery Road sports facility (established approx 15 years ago) was tired and in urgent need of repair. So the dream, was to bring it bang up to date with a state of the art all weather facility that would include the latest in 3G all weather playing surfaces, Multi mesh re-bound fencing and Abacus sports floodlighting.  And now that dream is to become a reality.

Steph Hryschko chair of the trust said  “We are absolutely thrilled about this news. But this is not just about refurbishing a facility, but more about improving the lives of people in our community.  To create a place that will be central in developing people’s confidence, teamwork, discipline, health and well being.  This is not just about football, but multi-sports and particularly about involving disabled individuals and groups in sport”


“When we conceived the project back in 2012, extensive consultation took place with groups and organisations throughout  South Yorkshire. And with endorsments including Kiveton Park Football club,Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Trust,  South Yorkshire Police and the support of the community, we found the overwhelming opinion was that to bring an all weather facility to the community would be an invaluable asset.

So we set up a steering group and working closely with local groups to make this a reality”


“We hope the community will become even more involved in the project, as developments take place and will come forward and join us to ensure this becomes a worthwhile legacy for future generations”

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Sports facility update


It is understandable that many of you will by now be wondering what is happening with this development.

And you would be correct in thinking such things as……..

“ You said you were going to do it  and then it didn’t happen”

 “Nothing ever happens in Kiveton”

 “There’s never anything for young people to do”


March 2014   Business plan put in place along with architects plans.

Sept 2014  Representatives from KIVETON PARK FC and major South Yorkshire community and schools sports provider ACTIVE REGEN Join with the trust to push forward the development.

October 2014    Planning permission granted by Rotherham Borough Council for a new all weather 3G facility with a playing area that can be used as either 3 x 5 a side pitches or a 7 a side pitch.

A survey of a 10% cross section of the community is completed with 90% responding in favour of the new development. With the overwhelming opinion being that to bring an all weather facility to the community would be an invaluable asset.

Further support in the form of endorsements were received from the Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Trust , The Rotherham Borough Council cabinet member for Business, Regeneration and Sports development and South Yorkshire police

November 2014   HARSCO Steel of Rotherham become involved with the development and offer a huge boost of £200k in kind support of work and materials.

Dec 2014  STRATTA homes agreed to donate adjoining land between the current run down sports facility and the Trent Villas, giving us the opportunity to develop a slightly larger 9 a side facility to Football Association standards as opposed to the 7 a side facility and a park and ride facility for the nearby railway station.

April 2015   SPORT ENGLAND ( Inspired facilities) offer £75K subject to the remainder of the funding being in place.

May 2015     Bid sent to “POWER OF CHANGE” for the remainder (275K) of funding still needed.

Sept 2015    Building work will begin if the last piece of the funding jigsaw is in place.

So, even though things seem to have gone quiet, as you can see, we have been beavering away in the background because we are absolutely committed to make this happen because:

It is not just about refurbishing a facility, it’s about improving people’s lives, it would be central in providing a place to develop confidence, teamwork, discipline, increasing opportunities, increasing access and improving people’s health and wellbeing.

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Happy Birthday Kivo-ebiz




Its a Happy 10th Birthday to one of our trading arms Kivo-ebiz

Kivo-ebiz was a bit of a “light bulb” moment  in 2005 when one of the Trustees, Steph Hryschko, decided to clear out her garage and sell the contents on e-bay. A little daunted by all she didn’t know, Steph thought there would be hundreds of others in the community that felt the same – they would like to sell things on e-bay but didn’t have the confidence or skills.

So Kivo-ebiz was launched as a service selling goods for the local community but also providing training classes on buying and selling on e-bay. Until 2009 it was completely managed by volunteers who go out to peoples’ homes, photograph their items, list them on e-bay and package & post them once sold.

The enterprise won £15,000 in a “dragon’s den” event shortly after its launch and in 2008 went on to win a number of other awards.

To find out more about kivo-ebiz, visit their website  www.kivo-ebiz.co.uk

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